Why Us

"Uncommon Solutions For Your Technology Needs"

Values Based - Personalize Support

At SURGE we pride ourselves on our personalized support that is reflective of our core vales, Excellence, Integrity, Collaboration, Cost Effectiveness, Altruism and Trust. Our individualized solutions for our clients brings unique value and problem solving capabilities that other technology companies do not provide. Our “No-Script / Personalized Support” is just that, we don’t use scripts when providing you support. We know that each company or organization has different needs and face unique situations that generic scripts do not provide or the quality that our clients require and deserve. All of our support is in-house and we don’t hand it off to a secondary company that cannot give the individual attention and solution solving expertise that businesses need today. We are a collaborative with a team of talented individuals who provide specialized solutions for all of our clients.

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Focus on Health Services

With the current crisis because of the Coronavirus, we are focusing on mitigating pain within the healthcare community. Currently many industries are undergoing tremendous transitions that require solutions in every area of technology. Because of our focus on bringing excellent service and oversight from certified Hipaa personnel, we are uniquely positioned to provide solutions and services that meet government requirements in the health services field. We understand the need for cost-effectiveness while maintaining security and government requirements during these challenging times. Our commitment to our clients in the healthcare services is; Excellence, Integrity, Safety and Cost Effectiveness.

Solutions for Transitional Situations

At Surge Solutions we provide a wide range of technologies and services at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house IT staff. We understand the urgent need for companies to mitigate costs and make transition as pain free as possible. We are committed to providing solutions that are part of the new reality we are all facing. Because of our structure, we are in the unique position to pivot quickly without being encumbered with traditional corporate systems. We focus on helping people navigate their technology needs through these tumultuous times. Our clients include, healthcare, retail, financial services, construction, and engineering. Whether yours is a small, medium or large company we are confident that Surge Solutions will bring an expertise that will surpass your need while saving you money.

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